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Why is America So Fascinated with Super Hero Characters?

In the last few months, over half of the new movies released have been based on a super hero from a comic book or past TV show. While I admit I have enjoyed watching some of the Superman movies, watching super hero films on a regular basis still has not become one of my favorite pastimes or hobbies.


Just last week, I started seeing a lot of commercials on television and on the web announcing the upcoming Spiderman movie. After they made the first Spiderman film, I couldn't see how the storyline could be expanded to future movie editions. However, I guess I was wrong because if I am not mistaken, this upcoming movie will be the fourth Spiderman film. Based on my research, the first three Spiderman films each grossed close to half a million dollars in the United States and about one billion dollars worldwide. These figures tell me that there are some people in this country (and in the world) who are very serious about their super hero characters. I also discovered through my research that many of these type of films have a history of featuring well known actors. In regards to the Spiderman movie franchise for example, some of the well known actors featured in these films have included Cliff Robertson, James Franco and Tobey Maguire. While the upcoming film will be featuring movie veterans Sally Field and Martin Sheen.

In addition to Spiderman, many people in this country also seem to be fascinated with Batman. Speaking from a financial standpoint, the Batman movie franchise has been considered one of the most successful franchises in movie history. Part of the original fascination with Batman began back in the 1960's, when the character was featured in a weekly television series. I have actually had the opportunity to see re-runs of this old show, and for the life of me can't understand how it translated into a movie. I guess I just don't have the right foresight or imagination, because several Hollywood producers were able to transform this weekly television show into a huge big screen success. In addition to the main character, many people have also become huge fans of the show's many villains. These include the Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze and the Joker. And, just like the Spiderman movies, the Batman franchise has also featured a wide variety of veteran actors and grossed millions of dollars. Some of the actors that have played the role of Batman include Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton. While some of the veteran actors that have played villains include Danny DeVito and Jack Nicholson.

Although super hero movies have become very popular, I will probably still never be a huge super hero fan. I guess while everyone is watching the new Spiderman movie this weekend, I will be at home popping popcorn and watching “The Empire Strikes Back”. In my opinion, Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo are true action characters and super heroes.

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