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So What's Going on in Hollywood This Week...


Aside from news about the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce, other entertainment news this week has also included Jennifer Lopez's sudden departure from American Idol and Justin Bieber being sued by an Oregon mom for nine million dollars. Each time I read an entertainment magazine or website, I am always amazed about the crazy things that go on in the entertainment industry. While no one knows exactly why Jennifer Lopez is leaving American Idol, there are rumors currently going around that she was asked to leave by the show's producers and network. Because of these rumors, I am sure next week's news will be full of speculations about what really happened and who will replace her.


When it comes to Justin Bieber, it seems that all the news focusing on him lately has been about stalking fans or million dollar lawsuits. Just a few months ago I remember reading story about a young woman who claimed that Bieber was the father of her unborn baby. The following week there was another story about him being stalked by a “crazed” and “devoted” fan. On a personal note, this is the type of devotion I am sure most (including Bieber) would rather do without. In regards to his latest lawsuit, an Oregon mom claims that sound effects from his concert has done significant damage to her hearing and ear drums. According to the lawsuit, the mom claims that nine million dollars should be enough to take care of her hearing problem.

Moving on to other entertainment news, it seems that Viacom is blocking several of its cable stations from being featured on DirecTV, and fans are already lining up for tickets to see the Dark Knight Rises which will be released on July 20th. Based on previous Dark Knight films, Hollywood is predicting that this version will also be a financial success. In regards to Viacom and DirecTV, their argument seems to be about money disputes (what else is new?), and their doesn't appear to be a resolution anytime soon. This scenario reminds of the recent dispute between AMC and the Dish Network, which resulted in Dish pulling the plug on AMC.

In regards to music industry news, fans are still tweeting about the BET Awards, and also posting updates on their facebook page about the recent fight between Chris Brown and Drake. I also caught a glimpse of story about Madonna recently breaking down on stage, and also a brief article about how the remaining Jackson brothers are launching their first musical tour without Michael. Although Michael has always being singled out as the one in the family with the most talent, I still hope that Marlon, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine have a successful tour. In regards to Madonna, I think this recent breakdown is a sign that the “Material Girl” needs to leave the stage once and for all.

One of the things I enjoy most about reading entertainment news, is that it makes me appreciate even more that I am just a regular everyday “unknown” person.

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