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Why Are So Many Teens Turning To Violence?

One of the most disturbing trends I have been reading about lately is all the violent crimes being committed by young teens. Although I know that teen related crimes have been going on for years, I don't think I have ever seen them being committed at these levels. I also don't remember teens committing crimes of such a horrific nature. For example, I read a newspaper article a few weeks ago about two teenagers beating a defenseless homeless man to death. When the police asked why they did it, they simply replied that they didn't have anything else better to do that day. The shocking part of all this is that these teens were only fifteen and sixteen years old.

In another part of the country, teens have been creating groups and roaming the streets looking for someone they can beat as part of a “game”. They generally look for another teen walking by themselves, where the group will then make a circle around them and take turns slapping them around and punching them in the face. This is truly another case of teens going wild across the United States.

Currently in the city of Detroit, local police are having a hard time keeping teens in school and off the streets. With the local unemployment rate so high and so many people out of work, many teens have been abandoned by their parents because they can no longer afford to take care of them. In many areas of the city, it is not unusual to see up to ten teenagers living together in one home. In order to eat and buy clothing, they will generally plan a robbery or steal what they need from neighbors.

As a result of rising teen crime rates across the country, many local police departments are calling in mental health experts to help them understand why so many teens are turning to violence. Based on some of the research recently conducted, results are revealing that many of the teens who commit crimes today are usually the offspring of very young mothers. Because the mother is so young and has not developed the proper parenting skills, they are unable to instill moral values and provide their kids the skills they need to be productive citizens. However, there are other mental health experts who argue that teen violence is rising due to the overall moral and spiritual decay in our society. Some examples they give include all the violent lyrics currently featured many of today's music videos and cable television programs. This would include music videos featuring artists like Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, TI and Lil Wayne. There are also some who attribute this crisis to videos created by artists like Madonna, which often contain hidden messages about murder and demonic references.


Although I do believe that outside external forces like television and music have negatively impacted the teenage community, I also still believe that despite these factors the average teenager can still grow up to be a productive citizens. Instead of placing all the fault and responsibility on the teen, we need to shift the focus to their parents, where it belongs.

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