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If You Were President, What Programs Would You Cut To Balance The Budget?

All of us at one time another have criticized the president and congress for threatening to cut needed programs. Usually our criticism is based on the threat of cutting a program that affects us personally or someone we know. As an example, several of my neighbors were in an uproar last year when the republicans were threatening to reduce the number of weeks a person could collect unemployment. The reason they were so upset is because they had been out of work for almost two years. Because of the high unemployment rate, it had been extremely difficult for them to get a job. The only way they had been able to survive this long, is because of their weekly unemployment checks. In most cases these weekly checks were only two to three hundred dollars per week, but it enabled them to buy food for their families and keep a roof over their head. Without this financial supplement, my neighbors would have been facing foreclosure or starvation.

Back during more normal times when the unemployment rate was low and the economy was good, most of my neighbors would probably not be so concerned about the republicans threatening to reduce unemployment payments.

In addition to unemployment programs, many republicans and conservatives over the years have also threatened to reduce the social security and medicaid budgets . In regards to social security cuts, this has been an issue that has angered a lot of baby boomers, who are preparing for retirement in the next five years. After working hard for such a long time (up to thirty years in some cases) and faithfully paying their social security taxes, they are very upset and concerned that social security benefits may not be available for them when they reach retirement.

Although I also believe that none of the above programs should be cut, the question I have to ask myself is, if I were president how would I balance the budget? I have given this question a lot of thought and research, and I have not been able to come up with an easy answer. Each time I think we may be able to cut in this area, I later found out that it would negatively impact a large number of people. Some of the things I considered cutting was military spending, however I was a little hesitant and nervous about doing this because of all the terrorist threats made recently against the United States.

All this thinking and research has made me realize that the president and congress have a very tough job. Although I respect the titles of president, representative and senator, there is not enough money in the world to make me want any of these positions.

So the next time you find yourself criticizing the president or congress for suggesting program cuts to balance the budget, ask yourself if you were in their shoes, how would you balance the budget?

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